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Luxury Half-Duplex, Attached, and Custom Homes in Edmonton.

With over 30 years experience, Welcome Homes specializes in designing and constructing premium attached, half-duplex, and custom homes in the Edmonton Area. With affordability in mind, we construct homes that are modern and inviting for families of various sizes.

middle hald-duplex, 1,547 sq/ft, no condo fees, double garage, 9 foot ceilings, open concept with walk through pantry

Our Process


Single or multi families who are looking for duplex homes with NO condo fees


Select from one of our beautiful homes or connect with us to design your next dream home


Our process begins with quality in mind. We will work hard to ensure your future home is of premium quality and to the highest specification.

Our Home Designs

Looking for a home that combines affordability and flexibility? Discover the perfect solution with our range of half-duplex and attached homes. These thoughtfully designed properties offer the best of both worlds, providing a sense of privacy and independence while still being connected to a community. With no condo fees to worry about, you can enjoy the benefits of homeownership without additional financial burdens. Starting at affordable prices, these homes cater to families of all sizes, making them an excellent choice for first-time buyers or those looking to downsize. Explore our selection today and find your ideal duplex or attached home that fits your budget and lifestyle seamlessly.

Large Half-Duplex

1,660 Square Feet
No Condo Fees
Rentable legal suite ready

Mid-Size Half Duplex

1,547 Square Feet
No Condo Fees
9-foot ceilings

Custom Home Designs

Neighborhood Flexibility
Infill Accommodation
Limitless design ideas

What Our Customers Say

I cannot say enough great things about the experience with Paul at ‘Welcome Homes.’ First, I was super impressed with his professionalism. It was absolutely refreshing to deal with someone who had the same intentions for my client as myself. He went above and beyond to make my client happy and the entire transaction was smooth. The quality of home was outstanding; the open concept layout and high end finishes impressed both myself and my client. Thanks so much!!!

Tracey Fenn

My family has built 2 homes now with Paul and have been more that happy with them. Great service and always on top of issues, not to mention the quality of the homes built. Have talked to others that have built custom homes and they had nothing but bad things to say about their builder. Would recommend using Welcome Homes to anyone.

Vannaphone Phetlathy

I built my current home with Welcome Homes Construction and if I had to build another I would use them again. I've know several people who'd had good experiences with this company in the past which was the reason I chose them in the first place. I have to say that working with them exceeded my expectaions and they went above and beyond what I would have ever expected of any builder. Custom homes and great honest cusomer service.

Stella Telleria

Paul Afonso is an extremely wonderful person who has helped us to move into our dream home. Very personable and helpful from the start and is the best builder ever!



Discover exceptional design and superior build quality in our homes. Meticulously crafted with exquisite architectural details, our residences offer functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony. Using top-notch materials and innovative techniques, we ensure the highest standards of construction. Explore our selection today for a living space that inspires and endures.